What do I need to make DIY Products?

Just a few simple tools: sharp knife, masking tape, straight edge and squeegee.  You also need DIY print film (which is made from a special plastic and looks amazing) and an inkjet printer.   All DIY crystals, acrylic, hardware, and frames are pre-cut and pre-glued for easy assembly.


What are DIY products made out of?

Our crystal awards and paperweights are made out of solid Optical Crystal, which offers the ultimate in clarity and brilliance.  Optical Crystal is 100% lead-free, heavy, and extremely hard.  The crystals are highly polished and provide UV protection to your graphics. Our large crystal wedges (approximately 5" x 7") are hand-cut and their size may vary up to 1/4" in either direction.  Be sure to check the size of your stock before finaiziing your artwork. 

Our name badges and other non-crystal products are made out of 1/8" thick museum-quality acrylic with polished edges.  The acrylic blanks also provide UV protection to your graphics.

Our adhesives are super-strong and waterproof, and are formulated with additional UV protection for your graphics. 

DIY Print FilmTM is specially formulated to apply without bubbles or flaws.  It has a brightness rating of 125 and is waterproof and will not yellow with age.


Can I use plain paper?

No.  Plain, laserprint, or photo paper will not adhere properly.   If you use paper other than DIY print film and are not happy with the results, you will not be able to remove the graphic or re-use the crystal or acrylic blank.  (DIY adhesive is that strong!).  It's better to use DIY print film than take a chance in ruining a crystal or acrylic blank.

We also do not advise affixing original printed wedding invitations or birth announcements as specialty papers tend to bubble, flake, fade, and disintegrate due to humidity and sunlight.  Better to scan the invite and print it on DIY print film.


Can I use a laser printer?

No.  Laser printers use a heat process to set the ink.  DIY print film, when heated, may start to melt and jam the printer.


Which side of the DIY Super-White Print Film do I print on?

Either side. 


Can DIY acrylic be used in exterior sign applications?

Even though DIY signs are water proof, have UV protection, and are subsurface (protected by a layer of crystal or acrylic), we cannot guarantee the outdoor life of the color brightness and vibrancy. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate the conditions.


Can you supply custom size DIY acrylic blanks?

Yes, we can supply custom sizes. There is a minimum of 100 pieces.  Use our contact page to request a quote.


Can you make finished badges and other products for me?

Yes.  Our manufacturing team can produce finished products for you.  Use our contact page to request a quote.




Do you offer technical support?

Yes.  Please see our instructional videos and art templates.  You can also send us an email or call our live customer support at 800-370-3564 from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday.




Can I make money selling DIY products?

Absolutely!  A name badge blank costs as little as $1.50 and retails in the $12.00 range depending on quantity.  A small crystal costs as little as $3.99 and retails from $15-25 depending on quantity. 


If I am reselling DIY products in my business, will you charge me sales tax?

If your order ships outside of Caifornia you will not be charged sales tax.

If your order ships to a California address you will be charged sales tax unless you provide a valid California state resale tax certificate.

After you order, call us at 800-370-3564 from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday, to arrange to send us a copy of your resale certificate.


How does DIY compare to sublimation systems?

With DIY, you don't need any heavy, dangerous and expensive equipment.  You can set up at events (weddings, bar mitzvahs, trade shows, corporate events, etc.) in a small space and make products for immediate delivery.  And you only have to make as many products as you have taken orders for -- no waste!




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How long have you been in business?   

In 1973, Mark and Dee Dee Lawrence founded Trophyman in a small Los Angeles storefront to provide custom awards, trophies, gifts, and engraving services.  Since then, they have expanded their business to the internet (visit and now serve customers nationwide.

In 2012, they began to lay the groundwork for  to share the opportunity and excitement that they feel for the awards and recognition industry.  DIY.Graphics allows others to make their own name badges, awards, trophies and gifts using the latest technology and then either give them away or sell them in their own small business., a division of
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