Large Product Assembly - blanks 5" x 7" or larger

These instructions are for LARGE products, where the blank is 5" x 7" or larger.   
For small products (smaller than 5" x 7"), follow our instructions for Small Product Assembly.

For perfect products everytime, follow these simple steps:


Supplies needed:  Computer with art preparation software (such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc.), DIY art templates and backgrounds (available for free), DIY print film.

Prepare your graphic a little larger than your DIY blank to allow for  a "bleed" (where the printed color goes beyond the edge of the blank) and to allow space for easy trimming.  We recommend 1/4" for larger pieces. For example, the art for an 8" x 10" sign would be designed as 8.25" x 10.25"




Supplies needed:  Inkjet printer.

Print your graphic on DIY super-white print film. Print on the matte (not shiny) side of the super-white film.  Use the "matte presentation paper" setting on your printer.







Supplies needed:  clean, dust-free cutting board, clean hands.

Wipe the print to remove all dust and dirt.








Place the DIY blank on top of the artwork to doublecheck sizing. Place in the exact position for assembly. 








Assemble Straight Edge

Supplies needed: acrylic strsight edge (supplied with your DIY products), masking tape, double-face tape (supplied with your DIY products).

Place a piece of double face masking tape on one side of the acrylic straight edge and remove the outer protective liner.








Secure Straight Edge and Blank

Butt the straight edge against  the short edge of the blank and secure to the edge of the print film.  Then use masking tape to secure the blank to the straight edge.  This ensures that your graphic will remain exactly as you have positioned in -- no wiggles, no worries!







Turn Over

Turn the entire assembly over.










Tape the edge of the back of the print film to the work surface.








Bend Back

Bend the print film back to expose the adhesive side of the blank. 








Peel Clear Liner

While holding the film back and away from the blank with one hand, use the other to carefully peel the CLEAR liner off the adhesive side of the blank.  Begin at the top outer corner and finish at the bottom outer corner. Don't touch the adhesive once the liner has been removed.







Supplies needed:  soft plastic burnisher

Holding the free end of the print film in your right hand, and the burnisher in your left, slowly push the film down on top of the adhesive blank.  






Burnish or roll through laminator

Burnish with the soft plastic burnisher. DIY print film is made for smooth, consistent application.  









Turn the film over.  Carefully remove the masking tape from both blank and straight edge and remove the straight edge.







3.  TRIM

Cut and Trim

Supplies needed:  sharp hobby knife.

Carefully cut around the blank using a sharp hobby knife.  You may want to cut a second time to trim the film as cleanly as you can.






Burnish the film with the soft plastic burnisher, paying particular attention to the corners.







Peel Brown Liner

Peel the BROWN protective liner from the front of the blank.  

Examine to see if further burnishing is required.  You can rub with your thumbs if there are any air bubbles.






Add Frames and Hardware

Supplies needed: finishing hardware (supplied with each DIY blank) -- hangers for signs, wood for plaques, and stand-offs for frameless picture frames. 

Use the self-adhesive on the frames and hangers to finish your DIY product.  All hardware comes with strong adhesive; position carefully as they cannot be removed once applied.




Present and Profit!

Supplies needed: DIY black velvet presentation pouches (for plaques).

Wrap for shipping and presenting.